Victoria & Cristian’s Rose Gold Budget Wedding

Cristian walked into Victoria’s Pediatric clinic and Victoria’s heart danced. Between his uniform, his confidence, and his smile, she was hooked. She asked for his business card and contacted him later that night. Their first date was romantic, filled with wine and easy flirtation.

Photography by  Stefanie McGuffey PhotoPhotography by  Stefanie McGuffey Photo

Photography by Stefanie McGuffey Photo

Cristian let Victoria pick out her ring when they were both ready for marriage, but kept it from her until he was ready for a proposal as perfect as their first date. He asked her to marry him during a walk under a full moon, complimenting her confidence and quick wit, asking to be hers forever. 


They were married on June 23rd, 2018 at Alexandra Community Park in Alexandria, Ala. They loved the venue because it was close to home, affordable, and the park grounds were a great backdrop for gorgeous wedding photos. They didn’t have a specific theme, but used rose gold, blush, and greenery to create their glittery backdrop. 

Having an intimate wedding of 50 allowed Victoria to focus on details that would move each guest. She carefully selected music for each moment to highlight the romance and serenity of their ceremony. The chapel was decorated with scented candles and blush flowers, including roses, calla lilies, and ranunculus. The natural lighting flooded through the stained glassing windows of the chapel right over the alter, so that all of the focus was on the couple.

You can find the bride on Instagram @ too_cunning  and their wedding hashtag was # scammedintomarriageYou can find the bride on Instagram @ too_cunning  and their wedding hashtag was # scammedintomarriage

You can find the bride on Instagram @too_cunning and their wedding hashtag was #scammedintomarriage

In Cristian’s words, “There were so many great moments but the moment I first laid eyes on you outside on the bridge was the best. Took my breath away.”

Victoria ordered her dress through Amazon, from a wedding gown designer in China. She sent in custom measurements and when it arrived, it fit like a glove. Her dress had a deep v-neck, buttons along the spine, and was made with premium fabric. She glowed as her father walked her down the aisle to meet her groom.

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Cristian’s vows were Victoria’s favorite part of their day. “They were so thoughtful and eloquently written, he even cracked a little joke in the beginning to lighten the mood,” she said. Throughout the ceremony, you could see the chemistry between them. Cristian gazed into her eyes as he had on their first date, only this time knowing the person she is and still taking her all in. There were several tear-filled eyes in the chapel as they watched two people, truly in love, vowing to hold one another through the rest of their lives.

With a budget of $5,000, they wanted to keep their ceremony intimate and private. Having a small wedding meant standing their ground on only inviting family and friends that were involved in their every day lives. Advice Victoria would give to other brides would be to keep it simple! “There are so many ways to overwhelm yourselves but you absolutely get the final say in everything so pick things you like and know that no matter what hiccups you may have on that day, it will still be beautiful, memorable and special!”

Photography: Stefanie McGuffey [Stefanie McGuffey Photo] @steffymac
Cake: Sasha Doan [Sasha’s Sweets Bakery]
Decor: Angie Austin [ADA Wedding/Party Discount Rentals]

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