Brittany & Nicholas’ White Fall Wedding

Brittany and Nicholas met through mutual friends while the beautiful brunette was celebrating at a bar for her 21st birthday. Their friends noticed the spark right away and helped set them up. On their first date, Brittany knew she had found the one. 

Bride's instagram: @ brittanycastanedaartBride's instagram: @ brittanycastanedaart

Bride’s instagram: @brittanycastanedaart

The two lovebirds tied the knot on October, 29th, 2016 at The Club at Strawberry Creek in Kenosha, Wis. Their wedding was classic and the couple kept their color scheme clean and chic with white and hints of green. They loved that the venue offered all the food,  linens, cake, and drinks included in one package. With this added convenience, they got to avoid the stress of coordinating a lot of separate venders.


Brittany’s goal was to keep all the decor simple and elegant. The room was lit with candles, all the place cards were traditional, and they used tea roses in lush bouquets for additional color. They were inspired by the natural beauty of the Autumn season and showcased white pumpkin centerpieces that Brittany’s mother and sister handmade.  


The room, softly lit for ultimate romance, was full of their loved ones and heavy with emotion as Brittany made her way down the aisle to the sweet sounds of a string quartet. The bride wore a formfitting, lace gown purchased from Christy’s Bon Bon Belle in Burlington, Wis. The couple locked eyes and said their vows before 160 guests.

The reception was a true party. One of the groomsmen actually danced so hard that he split his pants! Their guest list blended beautifully and by the end of the night even strangers seemed like family. With wine and champaign flowing, many guests were able to let lose on the dance floor, including Nick, whom Brittany fondly refers to as a “dancing machine.” Since it was Halloween weekend, they ended the night with cute masks and props for optimal photo ops. 

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With a $20k budget and a large guest list, every decision was deliberate. “There are some things I wish I would have taken more time in choosing,” Brittany said.


“Don’t compromise on your dream unless it’s budget based or it’s not in your spouse’s vision.”

Luckily, Nick was onboard and excited about everything Brittany suggested, which made decisions a lot easier. “Don’t listen to people’s negative input,” Brittany reminds other brides. “Especially if it’s unsolicited advice!”


Wedding planning should be spent learning how to problem solve with your partner and make decisions you’ll both love and enjoy. When you’ve worked together to create beautiful memories, your wedding will have that much more meaning. 

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  1. It was a lovely wedding in a beautiful setting! Good food! Fun music! Shared with family and friends! The best way to begin a life together!


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