Elizabeth and Josh’s Bright Boat Club Bash

Elizabeth and Josh met while working the breakfast shift together- she was a server, and he was a cook. “He’d make me fancy iced coffees,” Elizabeth said. “And I’d criticize the music he played in the kitchen.”

It was love at first latte.

Elizabeth and Josh can be found on Instagram @lizzaoh and @joshdrummondartElizabeth and Josh can be found on Instagram @lizzaoh and @joshdrummondart

Elizabeth and Josh can be found on Instagram @lizzaoh and @joshdrummondart

For this couple, it was important that their venue was self-catering; Josh is a former cook and all of his groomsmen are involved in the food industry, so they made and brought in the food themselves. The classic St. Mary’s Boat Club in Halifax proved the perfect setting, with a lovely view of the water and a perfectly laid-back vibe.

wedding HD50.jpgwedding HD50.jpg

The ceremony was short, sweet, and very personal to Elizabeth and Josh. During the service, the officiant read their daily horoscopes (they are both Tauruses) and one of Elizabeth’s bridesmaids read Taylor Mali’s poem “How Falling in Love is Like Owning a Dog.”

Elizabeth and Josh’s sweet little dog Gus was a big part of their day.He was even dressed for the occasion! -

Elizabeth and Josh’s sweet little dog Gus was a big part of their day.

He was even dressed for the occasion!

Although the couple didn’t work from a specific theme, they filled the venue with plenty of flowers in vivid spring colors. Their bouquets and centerpieces were sourced from a local wildflower vendor – Barefoot Blooms – and the rest of the decor was minimal to complement the bright splashes of color.

Elizabeth’s dress was an ASOS find nabbed on eBay for $60, while Josh’s shirt and suspenders were from Zara. Her simple daisy flower crown was ordered from Etsy, and paired perfectly with the soft lace of her dress and bright wildflowers in her bouquet.

wedding dress.jpgwedding dress.jpg

The fun-loving couple particularly enjoyed celebrating with 100 of their friends and family after the ceremony. They kicked off the reception with a “toonie bar,” a Canadian cash bar where guests pay $2 a drink, and hired a live cover band. “We both say our favorite part was when we were invited up to sing with them!” Elizabeth said.

“I sang the bridge of Teenage Dirtbag and Josh sang an 80’s hair metal medley…the party ‘turnt up’ as the night went on, and we even ended up crashing karaoke at a bar!”

wedding HD17.jpgwedding HD17.jpg

Elizabeth says the greatest challenge was keeping her eyes on the big picture, rather than getting bogged down in the details. “I thought I needed so many little things when I saw them on Pinterest or saw others had them,” she said. “In the end no one noticed – or no one would have noticed things I was worried about leaving out.”

She advises future brides to enjoy the planning process as much as possible and leave room for frivolity and fun. “This is the one time you get to do this! Hire your dream photographer. Do all the fun things that come along with a wedding. Soak it up!”

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