Jade & Paul’s Sentimental Gothic Restoration Wedding

Jade and Paul met at a party in Manchester. Although there was an instant connection between the two, both were seeing other people. They swapped numbers and chatted online for months, until the time was finally right. For their first date, Jade traveled back down to visit Paul for a Smiths tour of Manchester, hitting all the stops: Morrissey’s family home, Salford Lads Club, even the Iron Bridge from the song ‘Still Ill.’ This was a big hit, and it quickly became clear that this couple were meant to be!

Their engagement was just as lovely and personal as their first date, with Paul booking a much-needed getaway for the couple in the Scottish Highlands. After an intimate day of champagne and rum (and the star attraction – a hot tub!), Jade sat on the sofa with her hair in a towel and no makeup on.

Paul chose this perfect, relaxed moment to get down on one knee. “Jade – I love you, you’re my best friend,” he said. “Will you marry me?”


Paul and Jade wed on September 7th, 2018, in the company of 150 friends and family members. The couple wanted a personal and beautiful ceremony, reflective of their close relationships to their guests. “This day was a way of us showing everyone we invited that we really love and appreciate them,” Jade said.

Working with a budget of £15,000 (approximately $19,000 USD), the couple chose to hold their ceremony and reception in Cottiers Theatre, an elegant converted church in the picturesque West End of Glasgow, Scotland. They were particularly taken with the venue’s architecture and decoration, featuring stained glass windows and a soft canopy of fairy lights.

Jade’s fondness for Gothic architecture was perfectly represented in their choice of venue. “I fell in love the second I saw it!” Jade said. -

Jade’s fondness for Gothic architecture was perfectly represented in their choice of venue. “I fell in love the second I saw it!” Jade said.

Jade incorporated her favourite colors – dusky blue, pink, and rose gold – into every detail. She is particularly proud of her floral arrangements, designed by popular Scottish flower company Mud Urban Flowers. Working from Jade’s color palette, the florists used local, seasonal blooms to create their centerpieces and bouquets. The arrangements were were only revealed to the couple upon delivery. According to Jade, this surprise added a level of excitement to the day.

Jade’s biggest risk was ordering her dress made-to-measure from Lithuanian company Jurgita Bridal via their Etsy shop. This risk paid off, and her stunning gown was a highlight of the day.


The greatest challenge for Jade was maintaining stable mental health and family relations throughout the wedding planning process. “I really worried about my family, who do not all get on. To be honest, I have suffered in the past with mental health, anxiety and depression. Mostly I was scared that the stress of planning was going to put me in a dark place again, after I fought so hard to stabilize myself.”

However, Jade said she felt surrounded by kindness and positivity on the day. Her favorite part of the wedding was being among her family and friends. “I just loved having all the people I love in one space,” she said. For Paul, it was simply exciting to be the center of attention!


Jade encourages other members of the Big Bride Club to remain focussed on having the wedding you want.

“Your wedding is about you and your partner,” she said. “Don’t compensate for anyone else.”

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