Jordan & Corey’s Royal Purple Prom Throwback Wedding

Jordan and Corey met when they were both freshman in high school. They had a lot of mutual friends and as they got to know each other they became inseparable. A couple years into their friendship, they both admitted that they liked each other after some gentle nudges from their friend group. Jordan was not allowed to date until she was 16, so their first date was actually a month and a half after they admitted they had feelings for each other.

Neither of them had a car so Jordan’s grandfather was kind enough to chauffeur them to a local shopping center for a romantic sushi dinner. “You never forget your grandpa driving you and your boyfriend around,” said Jordan. They have been together ever since.

You can find the bride on Instagram @ jordan_powell18 .You can find the bride on Instagram @ jordan_powell18 .

You can find the bride on Instagram @jordan_powell18.

When Jordan and Corey decided that they were ready to get married, there was not an actual proposal. “Everyone already thought we were engaged, so we just decided ‘Why not make it official?’”


On July 13th, 2018, Jordan and Corey tied the knot at the Pavilion Event Space in Kansas City, Mo. in front of 175 friends and family. They picked their venue when they walked in and saw the gorgeous Swarovski crystal chandeliers emphasized by the antique bronze ceilings and the imposing 40-foot stone archways.


For their wedding colors, they decided on a rich royal purple as a throwback to the colors they wore to their junior prom. The couple spent a lot of time planning their bridal looks and coordinating with the wedding party. Jordan really wanted everyone’s sartorial excellence to wow their guests. “We made sure they looked just as good as we did,” said Jordan.


Time was the biggest challenge for Jordan during the wedding planning process. “I did not have a wedding planner during most of the planning,” explained Jordan. “So doing it by myself felt like a full-time job on top of my actual full-time job.”

After dating for six years, the best moment of the wedding for both Jordan and Corey was finally getting to say “I do!”

Jordan’s biggest advice to other member’s of the Big Bride Club is not to stress about the little things. “When the day comes, all those little things won’t even cross your mind,” said Jordan. “I promise it will not make or break your special day.”

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