Amalie & Sean’s Sweetly Simple Vows

Amalie and Sean met in 2008 playing a 3D chatroom game called “Home.” Sean lives in England and Amalie lives in Denmark, but once they discovered they played the same games and shared many of the same interests the distance was hardly a barrier. Their connection deepened over many texts, MSN messages, and Skype calls until one morning, Amalie confessed her feelings.

“I had tried to hint my attraction for the past 6 months, with no luck, so I thought, why not? Just say you love him! And luckily he loved me too.”

You can find Amalie on Instagram @thefatqueenbeeYou can find Amalie on Instagram @thefatqueenbee

You can find Amalie on Instagram @thefatqueenbee

Amalie and Sean’s proposal story was equal parts romantic and logistic. “The UK is facing Brexit soon,” Amalie said. “so one evening we decided it was time for us to get married, because we love each other and are devoted to each other, and because it’s the safest for when we close the distance.”

The wedding was a sweet and simple affair, with 15 guests congregating first at the town hall in Juelsminde and then at a garden party hosted by Amalie’s mum. They were wed by the mayor in an emotional ceremony, conducted entirely in Danish – although at one point, the mayor turned to Sean and asked in English “Do you follow?” which had Amalie in stitches amid her happy tears.

There were many moments of joy and laughter throughout, but for both Sean and Amalie the highlight was an outburst after their first kiss. “He finishes his speech, we have our first kiss as a married couple and the room is silent.” Amalie described. “I suddenly burst out “F*ck!” in realisation that WE FINALLY DID IT!” The room erupted in laughter and her mum jokingly reminded her it wasn’t too late to run away.

2018-11-12 08.01.38 1.jpg2018-11-12 08.01.38 1.jpg

Working nearly no budget, Amalie, Sean, and their families truly made the day their own. Amalie’s mum paid for food and a party tent (totalling around £300) and hosted the party in her home garden. For decor, they used Danish and English flags and burlap buntings; a family friend folded napkins to look like water lilies, Amalie’s uncle drove 30 minutes to pick wildflowers, and Amalie baked the wedding cake herself.

Their wedding bands were won in a small independent jewellery maker’s contest, and Amalie’s dress was found on sale at SimplyBe. She paired it with opal earrings from her grandmother and a Swarowski crystal moon necklace (the first piece of jewellery Sean ever got her). Sean wore an outfit made up of pieces from ASOS and Next along with a gift. “I bought him cufflinks with a moon and a star as a wedding present, because I always call him my moon and he calls me his shining star,” she said.

Amalie placed disposable cameras at the tables, and loved the raw, emotional photos her guests took.

2018-11-12 08.01.37 1.jpg2018-11-12 08.01.37 1.jpg

Money was certainly a challenge for the couple, but between the support of their friends and family and the perks of getting married in Denmark (Danes are able to get married for free in their birth municipality) Amalie and Sean were still able to have a beautiful day.

That day wrapped up in a beautiful wedding night. “Contrary to popular belief, we didn’t just bang all night. We were way too tired to even try!” Amalie said. “We just laid in bed and talked about nothing and everything. About our future, about the day. It was just so nice and so ‘us.’”

To future brides, Amalie advises to enjoy every moment as much as possible. “Don’t stress over the details. They’re great, but people will remember the day by all the love that’s around you.”

“You’ll look absolutely beautiful, no matter your size.”

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