What Your Makeup Artist Is Really Thinking

The first thing any woman does when she sits in my chair is tell me what she dislikes about herself. It could be their hair texture or double chin, either way, I hear about it.

This always makes my heart drop. 

When someone sits in my chair I see all their fabulous features. 


I see big eyes! 

I see high cheekbones! 

I see perfectly sculpted brows! 


It then becomes my job to remind them what a beauty they really are.

This has been my job for 13 years. I have the job of not only making your face and hair glamorous but of making your confidence glamorous too. It shouldn’t be my job, it should be your job to LOVE yourself.

I believe it is very hard for us to see the pretty in ourselves sometimes, we are all guilty of that. We see these perfect Pinterest boards and compare ourselves. It can be hard for sure. I remember when I got married in 2011, I was so critical of myself. I thought I had to look a “certain way.”

I saw the magazines and the dress ads, and thought there was no way I would ever look like that! I remember walking into a dress shop and them not having a single dress that would fit me. Ladies, I know it can be tough to feel beautiful in those moments. But, I want to remind you right now, those shops might not Love you…But, It damn well is your job to LOVE you!


If you are a bride, or a vendor, or just someone who has stumbled upon this blog… I implore you right now to dig deep down a remind yourself what makes you freakin’ hot!

Think of your top three favorite features and when your makeup artist sits you down, you tell them that. You scream it, you sing it, you smile big and tell them what you LOVE!


Nina McCaskey is a hair and makeup artist who has been making women feel beautiful for 13 years. She is also the heart and soul of Wedded Kiss. You can view more of her stunning work via Instagram @weddedkiss.

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