Tanya and Alex’s Elegant Yard Game Extravaganza

Tanya and Alex first met online, and talked nonstop for a week before they met in person. On their first date, they shared upside down pineapple cake shots and tater tots before watching a movie about a homicidal tire.

They both knew quickly that they had found something special. After a blissful courtship, in front of friends and family, Tanya proposed to Alex on the pier.


On October 6th, 2018, in front of 85 friends and family they wed at Sterling Stables in Cocoa, Fla. They decided on their venue because it was a perfect compromise. Tanya wanted an all-in-one venue and Alex loved the rustic romance of the barn.


The ease of the all inclusive venue was important to the couple because they moved across the country to Oregon in May, but married in Florida, making it difficult to coordinate with vendors over the phone.


Their vision for their wedding was simple and elegant with lots of love and entertainment for their guests. They spent a good chunk of their $17,000 budget on entertainment which included yard games and a caricature artist.

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Both of their dresses came from the bridal shop standard, David’s Bridal and both brides and their whole bridal gang wore converse.


The venue provided the linens which were burlap runners. Tanya wrote the escort cards and laid them on top of their favors, which were sweet-smelling artisan bars of soap made by her new sister-in-law.


The favorite part of the day for both brides was seeing each other walk down the aisle.

Their advice to other members of the Big Bride Club is to do what you can, and let the rest go. “It will be great, because the small details won’t matter. The only thing that matters is saying ‘I Do’ to your spouse.”

 You can see more of Tanya and Alex’s awesome day via their wedding hashtag #jumpingonthebandwagner on Instagram.

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